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Our journey begins with the passion and love we feel for the islands of Ibiza and Formentera but it also comes from seeing how the excessive use of plastic, and mismanagement of waste are seriously altering marine ecosystems.

This is how four good friends united by a cleanup campaign, sponsored by the public administration, decided to take the step with the strong compromise of caring and looking after the cleaning of the seas and shores, without setting limits.

After a few years of experience, we came to the conclusion that the best and most efficient way of doing this job, would be creating an NGO with permanent activity. That’s why we created Ocean Keepers. That’s why we created Ocean Keepers.

A project that has become reality, and that currently we do it locally, thanks to donations and volunteering.

But our purpose is to join forces with the world and act: the bigger we are, the greater and more positive this impact will be.

How we do it​

We believe in a world with plastic-free oceans and therefore, through patrols and raids with committed personnel, collaborators and volunteers, we carry out exhaustive cleanings of the shores and beaches.

We have the necessary equipment, both land and see, to carry out these cleaning activities.

With the active participation of citizens, administrations, international associations, companies, donations and volunteers, our movement, your movement, grows and acts: think about what a small change can achieve.


We believe in a world with plastic-free oceans.


We act against the pollution caused by plastics in the oceans by cleaning the shores and raising people’s awareness, thinking globally and acting locally, and thanks to donations and volunteering.


After some years of experience collecting tons of waste, Ocean Keepers arises from the need to have an activity with permanent impact on our shores and seas.

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